Framewerk and Yoshiwara Collective present Innercity, Bart De Paepe and David Colohan. It promises to be an evening of freeform psychedelia and folk sounds.

Innercity (Belgium)

Innercity is the prolific synth-based project of Belgian Hans Dens, joined on this tour by Eva Tourné (DJ Backstabber) and Bart De Paepe (Sloow Tapes).

Though associated with the ambient / synth underground, Dens eschews the prevailing escapist vibes of that scene in favour of a more visceral, rough-hewn and disorientating soundworld, characterised by sleep-deprived hysteria and bad-trip paranoia.

Bart De Paepe (Belgium)

Founder of Sloow Tapes and Sloowax. Bart has been releasing an eclectic range of weird and wonderful music for over 10 years. Bart has also been a member of the groups De Lotuseters, Ilta Hämärä, Sloow Road, Sylvester Anfang II.

David Colohan (Ireland)

David Colohan is the prolific founding member of United Bible Studies, Agitated Radio Pilot, and Raising Holy Sparks.

‘An eerie loveliness that should really be soundtracking a Werner Herzog film; indeed Popol Vuh’s work provides a useful reference point for Raising Holy Sparks as, similar to Vuh, the music herein is almost religious in its solemnity and grace.’ The Active Listener

Buy some cans and come along to Framewerk Gallery on Sunday 22nd July!
10 Upper Newtonards Road, Belfast, BT4 3EL
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