Our brand new publication is a lavish 104 A5 pages on 115gsm paper with a 250gsm colour card cover and 6mm spine. It contains 17 detailed features and reviews column that spans the proggy folk psychedelic drone space rock universe through the vessels of Krautzone, Lamp of the Universe, Owl Glitters, Woven Skull, Black Panda Beach, ST 37, Annot Rhul, Giallo Disco (label), Nightsatan, Earthling Society, Brigid Mae Power, Kommun2 (label), Flowers Must Die, Moloch / Saturn Form Essence, Trupa Trupa, Sangre de Muerdago and Dementia Five. It's bold, it's diverse and genuinely a portal to another dimension. We bid you enter...

Front cover artwork by Alfie Gallagher

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