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ST 37 – “I’m Not Good” Gatefold DLP (Limited Black and Off White Wax)

“I’m Not Good” claims ST 37. Truth be told, the band has never been better and this may very well be the jewel in their psychedelic crown. Weaving imaginative song craft with improvised jamming, the two famed threads have met in perfect bind. Croaking frogs, chopped up cinematic loops, disturbing druggy cover versions, gentle moments, manic moments, a banjo, hooks more infectious than the plague and all out sensory bliss, it’s fucking brilliant! This is the culmination of three decades galactic exploration and the portal into this world of wonderment. Buckle up.” (Yoshiwara Collective #1)

After a CD and digital release via Cleopatra Records, a limited cassette edition on Go Johnny Go, the long awaited double vinyl edition is imminent! The audio has been remastered, lyrics included and artwork expanded. An exclusive version of “Marina” also replaces “Eroica Horns” making it that little bit more special. Pressed on monochrome vinyl, one black LP and white LP to match the artwork in the heavy gatefold sleeve this is the real deal…

Yoshiwara Collective #1 Print Zine

Our brand new publication is a lavish 104 A5 pages on 115gsm paper with a 250gsm colour card cover and 6mm spine. It contains 17 detailed features and reviews column that spans the proggy folk psychedelic drone space rock universe through the vessels of Krautzone, Lamp of the Universe, Owl Glitters, Woven Skull, Black Panda Beach, ST 37, Annot Rhul, Giallo Disco (label), Nightsatan, Earthling Society, Brigid Mae Power, Kommun2 (label), Flowers Must Die, Moloch / Saturn Form Essence, Trupa Trupa, Sangre de Muerdago and Dementia Five. It's bold, it's diverse and genuinely a portal to another dimension. We bid you enter...

Front cover artwork by Alfie Gallagher

Yoshiwara Collective Logo T-Shirt (Sizes S – XXL)

William Broadbent Illustration, graphic designer and drummer of Ogre and Dementia Five, created our label logo, which is heavilybased on Fritz Lang’s classic silent film “Metropolis” so to reinforce that robotic look, the print is yellow ink on charcoal grey ultra cotton Gildanshirts.

Limited press of 50 across the above sizes…

t-shirt product

Dementia Five: “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension” Cassette

As the first part of Yoshiwara's Explorations series we are delighted to announce the release of the Dementia Five album "Revolt in the Fifth Dimension". This is a limited cassette of Hard-hitting psychedelic rock including current members of the mighty OGRE. Each cassette comes with a digital download of the album.


OGRE: “The Last Neanderthal” LP and 7” single set!

After a lengthy bout of planning, Ogre makes their vinyl debut twice! With the audio now remastered and the artwork revamped for the 12” format, their fourth album of instantly recognisable Doom infected ‘70s Hard Rock is now available in its analogue glory. As the studio album was too long for a single vinyl without skimping on sound quality, it made sense to house the band’s lively rendition of “Soulless Woman” by the ‘70s Ogre on a bonus single. On the reverse, the band opted to pay homage to The Bags with their exclusive take on “Naked Lady” which was a favourite of theirs back in the early ‘90s.