Yoshiwara Collective #1 Print Zine

YOSHIWARA COLLECTIVE #1 – £4.00 + Postage TBC Our brand new publication is a lavish 104 A5 pages on 115gsm paper with a 250gsm colour card cover and 6mm spine. It contains 17 detailed features and reviews column that spans the proggy folk psychedelic drone space rock universe through the vessels of Krautzone, Lamp of the Universe, Owl … [Read more…]

Northern Darkness Interviews with OGRE and the Collective

We are delighted to announce that the interviews with OGRE and the Collective featured in Issue 6 of Northern Darkness are now available in the features section of the site. Thanks to Luke Hayhurst from Northern Darkness. Check out both interviews from the links below: Northern Darkness – OGRE Interview Northern Darkness – Yoshiwara Collective … [Read more…]

Northern Darkness – Yoshiwara Collective Interview

The Collective interviewed by Luke Hayhurst of Northern Darkness Zine If it wasn’t for the Yoshiwara Collective there would not have been an OGRE feature in this issue. As thanks for that I figured why not chat to those involved… DA – Danny Angus, GB – Garry Brooks, PT – Patrick Toal Can you tell … [Read more…]

Northern Darkness – Ogre Interview

Ross Markonish of OGRE interviewed by Luke Hayhurst of Northern Darkness Zine I decided a while ago that whilst I love black metal, Northern Darkness has become rather heavily focused on the frost and chill of Scandinavia’s favourite expert. With that in mind Issue 6 was always going to be more of a doom metal … [Read more…]

Dementia Five “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension” Cassette

Dementia Five: “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension” Cassette As the first part of Yoshiwara’s Explorations series we are delighted to announce the release of the Dementia Five album “Revolt in the Fifth Dimension”. This is a limited cassette of Hard-hitting psychedelic rock including current members of the mighty OGRE. Each cassette comes with a digital download … [Read more…]