Yoshiwara Collective – Non-Metric Chart of MMXIV

MMXIV has been an eventful year for Yoshiwara, not only for the year of our birth, but for all the exciting music we have been exposed to on Earth. The 3(三つ) workers at Yoshiwara HQ have listed below, 6(六つ) of their individual choices for MMXIV. Collectively, Yoshiwara agreed that Ogre – The Last Neanderthal was … [Read more…]

Yoshiwara Collective is born!

It’s taken many months of Deep Space discovery and planning, but finally we take up residence and exist. No longer oppressed by the Machine, Yoshiwara has arisen from the Depths!, and our first release is at press now, and about to take physical form. Together with Pariah Child, Yoshiwara presents the return of Ogre! More … [Read more…]