“Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Mess” an Interview with Arkia Jahani of Owl Glitters

Owl Glitters second album Alchemical Tones was one of the high points of MMXIV, a psychedelic folk journey steeped in Persian mysticism and sufi philosophy. Yoshiwara meets with Arkia Jahani, the creative force behind it. Greetings from Yoshiwara Arkia, Please begin by introducing the individuals at the heart of Owl Glitters? What brought you together? … [Read more…]

Yoshiwara Artwork!

Check out Yoshiwara’s new artwork created by Alfie Gallagher!   More details can be found on Alfie’s blog where you can check out more of his amazing work. http://alfiegallagher.blogspot.co.uk/

Yoshiwara Features

Yoshiwara has a new Features section on the website! The Three (三つ) Yoshiwara Workers bring you the latest sounds discovered on space station earth. Open your ears, mind and discover! Our first feature is an interview with Arkia Jahani of Owl Glitters, check it out here Blasting Off!!!!

Yoshiwara Collective is born!

It’s taken many months of Deep Space discovery and planning, but finally we take up residence and exist. No longer oppressed by the Machine, Yoshiwara has arisen from the Depths!, and our first release is at press now, and about to take physical form. Together with Pariah Child, Yoshiwara presents the return of Ogre! More … [Read more…]